RCP Photography

The creative process is a team effort in any industry. Ramon C. Purcell has brought together a collaborative group that personifies problem solving techniques in many aspects of the creative realm. 

Still Photography:

Nearing 20 years the industry, architectural, advertising, commercial, editorial, food, hospitality, are but a few of our specialties. 

Architectural Photography:

RCP Photography is a Hyatt Approved Photography Team, that creates a variety of architectural, lifestyle, photography, and commercial             video productions. 

Aerial / Drone: 

Full aerial coverage from aircraft to drone with FAA exception under CFR Section 333.  Encompassing both still and motion projects with the latest in technology.



A wide gamut of commercial needs from commercial to documentaries.  Full post production service is included including motion graphics.




Nearing 20 years in the industry, creating, directing and problem solving has always been a passion and motivation for Ramon. With a diverse career in photography, his ability to adapt and create visual solutions for clients and their needs is unsurpassed. 


His photographic journey began in the action sports world for Surfing and Surfing Girl magazine. This lead to a variety of location assignments wherever there were waves to be surfed.    ​


Ramon then transitioned into the editorial side of photography, freelancing for a variety of news organizations, including Newsweek. Time sensitive deadlines were a mainstay of working in the news world as well as conveying the entirety of the story via powerful and moving images. 


Ever evolving, advertising and commercial photography has been the next steps but never the limit.  Working on advertising campaigns on a global scale, there is no project too far or too challenging for Ramon and his team to take on.


From residing on the board of non-profit organizations & working with congress to prevent copyright infringement, to honoring those who have served & sacrificed, giving back is of the utmost importance to Ramon.


Rewarding projects have included documenting America's very first Airforce One restoration & flight; founding Boneyard Safari which focuses on preserving aviation history & honoring their dedicated crews; building well established relationships with clients across the nation that utilize RCP Photography time & time again with trust and confidence.